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VMware 4 My First Impression は、03.03.24 に公開された VMware 4 関連の情報を纏めています。断りが無い限り VMware 4.0.1 (Build 5289) for Windows (Host OS : Windows 2000 SP4 JP) を使用しています。

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VMware 4.0.1 のオープニング画面

VMware 4 の新機能

WMware 4 の新機能については [プロダクトレビュー[VMware Workstation 4](@IT)] にある一連の記事がお勧めです。


VMware 4 の軌跡

[VMware Workstation 4.5 Release Notes(VMware)]  に VMware 4 の更新履歴があります。

This release introduces internationalization of the shared folders and drag and drop features. These features now support localized guest operating systems, including locales such as Japanese that use double-byte characters.

In this release, VMware Tools for Windows guests uses less memory than in previous releases.

release note のサマリーには以下の記述がありました。

This release fixes a security vulnerability in VMware Workstation 4.0.1 (for Linux systems) build 5289 and earlier releases. By manipulating symbolic links, a non-root user could delete files in any directory. VMware Workstation (for Windows operating systems) does not have this vulnerability.

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