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  • MSKB:833144 Overview of the technical specifications of virtual machines in Virtual PC 2004
    Virtual PC の仮想環境について。
  • MSKB:831461 Supported Guest Operating Systems in Virtual PC
    サポートしている Guest OS リスト。
  • MSKB:833149 Virtual PC 2004 is not supported in Windows Millennium Edition or in Windows 98 Second Edition
    Virtual PC 2004 では Host OS として Windows 98/Me は使用出来ません。



MSKB:833148How to create a virtual hard disk image in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:834311How to create a floppy disk image in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:833132How to print from a virtual machine in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:825086How to share a folder on a guest PC
MSKB:833141How to create a virtual hard disk from a physical hard disk in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:825299How to configure memory for a PC-DOS 2000 guest operating system
MSKB:824550How to install Windows 3.x on Virtual PC
MSKB:825379X-Windows Display Is Corrupted or Does Not Appear When You Install Linux as a Guest Operating System
MSKB:831506The My Virtual Machines folder and virtual machine performance issues
MSKB:833145Where to find the documentation that is included with Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:824547How to use a Norton Ghost image to create a Virtual PC 4.0 hard disk image
MSKB:833146How to install DOS Virtual Machine Additions to permit additional functionality in an MS-DOS-based virtual machine in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:824967How to Install DOS Additions for Additional Functionality in a DOS-Based Guest PC
MSKB:833134The virtual machine networking settings in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:833136How Virtual PC virtual machines work with CD/DVD-ROM drives and with disk image files
  • X Window の設定は、以下の通り。色数は「24-bit」を選ばないのコツらしい
    • グラフィックスボード:「S3 Trio64」
    • メモリサイズ:「4MB」
    • 色数:「8-bit」、「16-bit」、「32-bit」


MSKB:906513Description of the types of data that are supported by Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 when you use the Clipboard to copy data
MSKB:899525When you run Virtual PC 2004 on a portable computer that uses the Intel Centrino 915 chipset, Virtual PC performance is reduced
MSKB:825272You are prompted to reactivate your Windows XP guest operating system after you upgrade Virtual PC
MSKB:833506Virtual PC 2004 stops responding when it starts a virtual machine
MSKB:835353The virtual machine quits unexpectedly when you install Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP1 on a virtual machine in Virtual PC 2004
MSKB:824511USB emulation in Virtual PC for Windows
MSKB:824982Cannot Install a BeOS Guest PC in Virtual PC

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